bump-proof padlocks?

I'm looking for more information on bump-proof padlocks.

Is there a general consensus on which locks are bump-proof?

Is there any measurable difference in, er, "bumpiness" between a regular doorlock and a padlock, or are both types of locks equally bumpable?

The "Abloy Protec" is supposedly bump-proof, but at $200+ (up here in Canada anyway), it's not an easy sell. Do older Abloy padlocks (with the half-moon key) stand up as well as the Protec to bumping? If so, are they still available in the Vancouver BC area anywhere?

If I don't want to spring for an Abloy, what are my other options? Will a good disc lock padlock do instead? If so, what do professionals recommend?


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Why not purchase a Master guarded shackle combination padlock for $20?

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S&G combo padlocks, abloy and clones like Sobo etc.

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Tim Mathews

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