Cutter Wheel for Ilco Micrometric Key Machine

Anybody got one of these or know where it can be got? Mine is well
worn. According to the parts
list, it's a "J26", but apparently that particular number is long gone.
It seems to be about 2 1/4 inch
in diameter by .256 inch thick. Don't know the mandrel diameter
because I haven't taken it off yet.
Thanks in advance,
- Jerry Kaidor
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*** Sorry Roger, can't do it. That would be accepting compensation for flying. FAA takes a VERY dim view of such for us Privates. How about I give you some quality portraits of dead presidents for it? :)
- Jerry Kaidor
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I just wanted to make sure that you were the same Jerry I thought you were from the db list. Is your cutter a milling cutter or a rotary file? If it is a milling cutter then the cheapest way is to send it to Gil Ray to get it sharpened.
They also sell new cutters and you will not have to hassle with distributor minimums. I believe that this will probably be the cheapest place to solve your dull problem.
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Roger Shoaf
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You may be a bit old for that.
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