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I'm still shopping. Was going to install the Simplex locks today, but the
customer delayed.
How important is flex wand? Variable speed?
They have one with lithium ion batteries, 10 point something volts. Or stick
with corded plug in? I've got an inverter 300 watts in each vehicle, so I
can run a 120 watt dremel out there.
Any one got experience?
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Stormin Mormon
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Flex wand comes in handy but can be awkward at times. Variable speed is a must.
I use a corded model with my mobile inverter (I frequently work at houses with no utilities so I needed the mobile unit).
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Stick w/a cord. Nothing like a batt operated tool going dead in the middle of a job!
Flex not needed if you don't have parkinsons disease & shake uncontrolably. ~:)
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The locks were supposed to get installed today, Wed, August 25. The customer delayed. I think he's a serious customer. But he owns his own business, and got busy with that.
The gent at Lowe's says the variable speed is a great feature, often slower or faster speed is needed. for example, cutting plexiglass (he said faster) or masonite (he says slower).
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Stormin Mormon
Unless you're going to use it often, don't go cordless. I had a cordless (no removable battery) dremmel years ago and every time I went to use it, it was dead. I sold it.
I now have a corded one.
Just get the basic one. You don't need all the attachments - it's a waste of money. The main things you'll want are cut-off wheels (and maybe some burrs).
I also have a Makita 9.6 volt "chainsaw sharpener" for times that I need a cordless. It's weak though. There's some kind of circuit breaker that trips momentarily when it heats up. It's a PITA, but you get used to it. What I like about it is that it uses the same batteries as my drill and care opening light, so I've always got (at least) one charged up .
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Bob DeWeese, CML
Oh yeah, definitely get the variable speed. When I said get the basic one, I was referring to sets. Don't bother with the sets with a gazillion attachments.
As far as the flex cable... I can see where they might come in handy in a few situations, but I've gotten by so far without ever needing one. save your money. Don't by one until/unless you need it.
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Bob DeWeese, CML
I use the plain cord 117 VAC one and if I need to I tie into my inverter. I also buy the high dollar thick cuttin' wheels. Never needed all those fancy other things.
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Glen Cooper

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