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We are looking for the "perfect" used mobile locksmith/security system van. I'm talking about suggestions here only, as we're in Canada. There must be someone who has run across a spacious, but not too big, vehicle. We would appreciate any and all comments! Thanks, LJ

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There's an article on this almost every year in the trade journals, wherein they invite folks to send in photos and pick the best. The _nicest_ I've seen was a retired ambulance -- lots of storage compartments outside, lots of space inside, lots of headroom.

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Joe Kesselman

Those Freightliner "Sprinters" (also marketed by Dodge to replace the Ram

2500) are really nice to work out of, if they just weren't so butt-ugly. They are also pretty pricey, too.

The used ambulances are also really nice, however, I understand some repairs/maintenance can be more expensive that a regular van. (Alternators, brakes, trannies, etc.)

I buy (used) 2/4 ton vans and have an extra leaf installed on each side in the back as soon as I buy it.

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Bob DeWeese, CML

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