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My its quiet. In the last week we've had a fair question which, at least to me, seemed to fairly openly and reasonably debated. Although one or two responses were ambiguous and one or two (IMHO) deliberately provocative. Now we have nothing, not even one of Kim's execrable jokes :-)

FWIW I am deep in the throes of preparing this season's exhibit which will be an uncommon 500w/1.5hp Petter-Light (or just another rusty Petter depending on your point of view:-). Both engine and base were horribly rust-pitted and have so far consumed a whole tin of filler, numerous coats of two-pack high build primer and several metres of 100 grade paper. The whole place reeks and I'm white from head to toe. ttfn

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Roland and Celia Craven
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Me- just busy Roland. I'm lurking though.


Kim Siddorn

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J K Siddorn

Yes it is very noticeable. I think a few fingers were burned in the 'setting a standard' thread - It's a shame because there were valid and interesting points to be discussed, but I'll certainly think very hard before coming in on that sort of thing again.

Slight enthusiasm crisis at the moment engine wise. Probably the weather, but I seem to be surrounded by half finished projects.

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Nick Highfield

Well, I guess I could be one of the people who was provoking, I always speak as I find, but then it?s a sad state of affairs if one cant air their views without things going quiet. Like Nick, I think I will keep out of anything similar in the future, its not worth the hassle!

Meanwhile?. Back in the workshop. One cornmill is coming back together for this years rally season. The blue colour we used in the end was quite a good match (Thanks Peter), but Cambridge blue is a pain to find!

Elsewhere, the Wolseley is still in bits with not much doing, being put aside for work on a Petter M type. Almost there, just a few bits left to do, including the brass fuel filler plugs (PS Anyone know the thread size / tpi for these please offhand?).

More books turned up, one or two engines gone to make some room (and funds!).

Meanwhile, in the land of steam, the Burrell boiler is awaiting its first boiler inspection, hopefully to be arranged today. We are looking at a bit of work to the tubeplate and firebox, but we will know more after inspection. The new boiler/box fitted in 1939 appears to be in very good condition, but we will have to see! B&WLR first open day is in April this year BTW.

All in all - there is not enough time in the day!


Chris Bedo Kent UK

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Chris Bedo

I have to agree with Chris that I too can be blamed for generating a few sparks. If nothing else the thread prompted me to join in again as I felt it in some ways threw down a challenge to start more on topic threads as I have tried to do.

I will be pretty quiet for a while as my 1st child is due next week. I have a couple of projects to work on. I have decided that now the Bolinder is finished it is probably going to have to be sold as I can not see myself ever using it in a boat and do not think it is fair to have such a lovely engine gathering dust when it should be giving enjoyment installed in a boat as was intended. So I am looking to reduce the total number of engines I have in favour of one large engine that I can tinker with as and when "familly" permits.

So that's my story for the current time.



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John Macdonald Smith

I have to agree with Chris that I too can be blamed for generating a few sparks. > snip

The spark generator as such falls directly in my lap as the thread instigator. But as I said previously the reason for the posting was genuine and just not to stir things up. Anyway I think enough has been said on the subject and there will be no more from me about it.

As to restoration projects the very limited workshop area in the garage has been taken over by number two son as he progresses with his first engine restoration. Dad is sitting on his hands and letting him get on with it (well most of it anyway!). I want it to be his restoration, not just one he helped with. He is getting plenty of encouragement, partly due to the fact that I've got things I want to do as well in the same space!



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John Rogers

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