An Anson working party?

Oblivious to Other Matters, at the end of January, I'd privately e-mailed
Geoff Challinor about the possibility of arranging a Working Weekend at the
He has come back to me to explore this possibility and (snipped) said this:
"............ a day/weekend out at The Anson Engine Museum to help us get
ready for the coming season has a lot of merit and if you think folks might
be up for it - how about we try to arrange something for the 20/21 March?
The old classroom building should be emptied by then and basically the whole
thing needs demolished. Anyone who wants to get involved in raising the
building down to its foundations would be most welcome on one or two small
provisos. Namely - they bring and wear personal safety equipment (hard
hats, goggles, safety shoes & preferably gloves) and they work under the
overall supervision of Ray Maddock who of course reports to me.
Other work gangs could help with
a)cleaning/painting the toilet block and some of the other buildings
b)strimming the grass areas and bushes and even planting some baskets/tubs
c)filling in the worst of the potholes in the carpark and drive
d)moving some of the equipment/engines to their new homes
These are some of the many things that need done before we get the season
started on Easter Sunday - I am sure I have a list twice as long if I think
about it
If you think some of your contacts might be willing to help us out in this
way I would really appreciate it. Because of the classroom having to come
there is no facility to make meals or coffees. However if I thought enough
were going to turn up that weekend I would have a word with the snack van
people to see if they could come along.
I look forward to hearing your views on this. Thanks for the offer, I do
appreciate it.
So, there we are then. Personally, I could make neither of those days (our
AGM & then an officer's meeting), but it's a start.
Firstly, do we think it's a good idea?
How many would come along to help?
Kim Siddorn
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J K Siddorn
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Kim, I think its a great idea, but we're a week off lambing then, and the weekend will be spent mucking out sheds, disinfecting, putting up pens and keeping a weather-eye on the ewes for any problems.
I wouldn't be available until sometime in late May early June. This is the downfall of a job and a small farm to keep.
I do wish all the best to the idea and take my hat off to those who can make it.
Regards, Arthur G
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Arthur Griffin
Same story I am afraid. Mrs John is due to have our first baby in just over a week. I am told that this can lead to some considerable disruption to one's leisure time so commiting to a weekend or even a day only a few weeks away would be unfair to all concerned. If one could be arranged for later in the summer that might be more acceptable but doesn't help the situation outlined in the email by Geoff C. I hope that this does get off the ground as progress at the Anson can only be of long term benefit to all of us in the hobby.
John Macdonald Smith
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John Macdonald Smith
The curse of shift working rules me out as well on both days I'm afraid.
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John Rogers

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