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just out of interest -are we allowed to buy and sell engines on here?!
it's just that it is odd that i havent seen one engine offered for sale
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Basically, yes - but not to excess.;o))
Many of us have bought and sold engines through this NG, me included.
Why, watcha trying to flog off?
Kim Siddorn
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J K Siddorn
Have a look at the charter:-
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to me that it it fine to let it be known what is available/wanted on group, but subsequent horse trading should be done privately. So don't hold back ;-)
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Nick Highfield
I would very much hope so. I assumed lack of offers reflected members to be as magpies, rather than traders! Most other NG are liberally spread with FS ads -- usually part of their appeal when you have non-mainstream interests.
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"Colin" wrote (snip):-
Hmm. That cap fits ever so well!
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Nick Highfield
Doesn't it just :-) I still have loads of stuff I want to move on but have recently removed the for-sale section of my webpage as it gave too much scope to timewasters/comedians/the illiterate and the ill-mannered. I have also given up responding to wanted ads in SEM as I got fed up with being jerked around at my expense. Have others found the same? Still seeking new homes for a Petter PAZ1, tank-cooled Lister B, and a sad Douglas SV54 and assorted parts for Lister L and G2..... ttfn
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Roland and Celia Craven
I'm sure Kim is far too much of a gent to draw your attention to this, but I will:-
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suprised to see it FS though, as I thought small military gen sets were very much his thing at the moment.
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Nick Highfield
Roland and Celia Craven" wrote snip...
I'm surprised to hear that, but I'm often surprised by just how disappointing people can be. I've placed ads in SEM offering parts and have had no problems with those who contacted me. I've also placed ads looking for stuff and found the response very poor indeed.
I requested some Bamford bits once and a guy rang up two months after publication asking if I still had them!
Which reminds me I'd better get a Parts Offered ad in for that superfluous Powell silencer I've got.
On a different but related matter, has anyone used the Identity and Assistance section in SEM? If so, how did you fare?
I've been getting around (this takes a long time with me) to putting pics of the New Ways (particularly the CH) to see if I could flush out a clutched pulley which mine lacks. If I could lay hands on one, I could copy it.
Regards, Arthur G
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Arthur Griffin
I am afraid I have found the same. Selling engines can be a particularly trying experience.
Last year I advertised my Bolinder for sale and had a reasonable response. One chap was very keen and came to have a look. He asked me to show him various things like the big end shells which is understandable when you are about to part with a big chunk of folding. What suprised me a little was when he asked me to remove the head. I did this and he then proceeded to put the piston at TDC and to try and shake it from side to side to detect any movement. I could only liken this to tyre kicking! He did make me a good offer which I was going to accept but for various reasons it was never followed up. So I am still plus the Bolinder and minus several hours of a sunny weekend. The other thing I have had happen before is for a deal to be agreed only for the purchaser to call back later to try and alter the terms of the deal which is nothing short of rude.
On a slightly different note towards the end of last year I noticed an add in the SE mag for an S type 12 hp block,crank etc in the spares adds believed to be from a marine engine. Given the description it set alarm bells ringing with me as I owned a block which would be described similarly which I had left at a boatyard a few years previously. I was always assured that it would be safe and that I would be informed if their was a need to remove it. It took me several days to get through to the number in the advert and my worst fears were confirmed. I was told by the man whom I didn't know that he had been told to dispose of it so he placed the advert. He was insitant however that it had been given to the scrapman prior to publication. I don't know if I believe this or not but I am now minus some very usefull spares. Most of these were pretty rough having spent at least thirty years outside but some were specific S-type marine parts so to me quite a loss. Call me careless but I shall not be leaving anything out of reach again. So a lesson to us all.
I also have to add that I think people shy away from buying/selling on the group for fear of being tagged as a dealer.
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John Macdonald Smith
I would like to buy a small engine. I could play with, preferably a runner or not to much work to get running. Just want to get a little donkey, put a V belt pulley on, a shaft and drive some odds and sods.
I have worked on BSA Bantam, my mates A10, My T140V Triumph, till it got knicked and diesel Astra van. I was thinking of clamping a 125 Honda engine on a plank, but fancy something with a bit more ,,,, class. So something less complicated than said, would be fine. Cash up about £50 waiting Manchester way.
Change 23 to 13 for email to work.
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If you're looking for an engine, please contact me off group. I have 2 for sale at the moment to make way for new toys from USA. Have put engines up on group before, but never had any interest, so tend now not to do so. Find word of mouth works much better. Regards, Mark
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Mark Drake

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