Faking out Larry Locksmith (Again).

I wrote a couple days back about how I had a locksmith try to rip me off by giving me a $65.00 estimate to make a key for my Vette and then charging me $300.00. Well I peeled away on him and almost made him crash his van in the process. Well for a long time I've been runnin' this puke around every now and then to jobs that aren't and never were real. OK so I figure by now I've talked like a Mexican and a Southern Hick and an Iranian and every other damn thing so this moron doesn't get wise it's the same guy doin' him dry every month or two so last night I have my girlfriend call him as we're leaving this club. It's 1:30 in the morning. So she calls and tells this guy that she and her girlfriend are locked out of the car about 75 miles away in this really rural area. At first he doesn't want to go but she offers double and starts crying and he still doesn't want to drive all that way the lazy f*ck so she brings out the big guns and says that she and her grilfriend are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to make him happy when he gets there, well he goes right for that shit. The greedy stupid f*ck. So now he's drivin' 150 miles roundtrip for nothin', butkiss, not a damn thing except to burn gas and jerk off on the way back LMGDMFAO. Well I'm still wondering if this shit will actually be so stupid as to drive all that way so we wait 1 1/2 hours and call back on the mobile number. 3AM now give or take. Sure enough he picks it up and sure enough this shit is out there trying to find her and his 3 way. He doesn't even know he's ALREADY been screwed, again. Now I'm really LMGDMFAO. This is what you guys get when you try to f*ck your customers so you have been warned.

Maybe some of you could post your 24 hour numbers here? LMGDMFAO

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