No locksmiths here

Somebody asked the keynazi to post his locksmith license on the group. He
wouldn't cause he doesn't have one. I bet nobody here on this group has a
fucking license. If you do post it.
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Nobody You Fucking Know
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You want people to post thier license numbers so you can fuck with them in real life
I bet you would start investigating how to file complaints against licensed tradesmen as soon as you have the chance
Why don't you post your name and ISP
You trolls are pathetic, are you afraid to use the FREE news server your ISP provides because someone might have issues with the content of your posts and abuse and actually be able to have it traced back to its orginator
"Nobody You Fucking Know" wrote in message news:
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No one you know, but I am nice unlike some others." <no
"No one you know, but I am nice unlike some others." <no e-mail@no>
What the fuck are you laughing at Evan the Maintenance Moron? I thought you were going to go get a life of your own? Yeah I know it's you you little fuckwit.
If you had a fucking clue you would know his isp.
You fucking idiot is FREE. Posting things that your dumb ass disagrees with is not abuse.
I thought that's what you were going to do? instead you come back posting under some gay ass pseudonym like nobody will know it's you. ROFLMAFAO
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Joe Consumer" <Joe
"No one you know, but I am nice unlike some others." <no e-mail@no>
By the fucking way I don't know if thats why he wanted there licenses but I DO fuck with these assholes in real life. See faking out Larry Locksmith. I have run that fuck all over the state for trying to overcharge me on my Vette key. This last time that shit thought he was going to get a 3 way with two hot girls instead he got to ride around all fucking night long for nothing. My girlfriend who faked him out laughed her sweet ass off all the way home over it.
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Joe Consumer" <Joe
I will post mine as soon as i know who is asking. post your name, address and phone # and i will reply with my license.
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