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Just wondering if it is ok to post EBay auction links here. Some newsgroups don't allow it. I will only have a few auctions, but I wanted to check before I put them here. The items are machining related (carbide tools, etc.). I am selling them for a lady friend of mine whose husband passed away and really don't know where else to sell the items. Thanks for your input.


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Thanks Jim. That would be the only reason I would post an auction to a newsgroup. I see so much garbage in some of them these days and I didn't want to contribute. I will post a link to all the auctions in one message in the next day or so.

Regards Chris

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i think ebay machine tool posts are tolerated here, but there is really no reason for them. the folks that want can just search eBay. lot's of rcm'r do post eBay urls to the group just because it's unique, funny, or a good deal.

mho, --Loren

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People post auction and sale links here fairly often, myself included. You should put FA: at the start of the subject so people can filter it out though. For something that's for sale rather than for auction you should use FS:. Here's an example subject line:

FA: Enco 9x20 Lathe on eBay

Best Regards, Keith Marshall snipped-for-privacy@progressivelogic.com

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Keith Marshall

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