OK to post "for sale" list here?

Is it OK to post a "for sale" list of model car kits here on the newsgroup? Some groups don't permit sale posts, so I thought I'd better ask first.


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I've seen plenty such lists in this NG, so I imagine it's permitted. Never really seen a post of the "rules", though.

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The closest thing this group has to "rules" is the original charter, written somewhere around October 1, 1992. It's more interesting as a historical curiosity than as a useful set of rules, though.

I assume that some of the charter doesn't apply any more, now that the RC folks have their own groups. But there's nothing in the charter one way or the other about for-sale lists.

It's part of my job to know where to find a copy, so here you go - the rest of this posting (except for my sigfile) is the group's charter, 11 years old last month. Enjoy...

The designated purpose of this group is to discuss the hobby of scale modeling. Within this realm is included static (display) models, radio-controlled models built to specific designs, railroad modeling, model rocketry, and moany other aspects. However, the scope of this group is restricted to construction techniques and issues, discussion of materials and kits, discussion of local, national, and international events, and other topics that pertain to the general hobby of craftsmanship. This group is not a forum for discussion of controls (radio or remote), for discussion of performance of RC engines, rocket motors, or any other subject that, while part of a modeling-related hobby, does not pertain to craft skills. This group is meant to, among it's primary purposes, augment the existing rec.models.* groups by providing a forum for the reader that is more directed towards "How do I do this?" rather than "Brand X motors only deliver half the promised power." While modeling is generally associated with plastic kits and IPMS (the International Plastic Modeler's Society), this group will not be affliated with IPMS, nor will it be limited to plastic modeling.

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Rob Kelk

Sell, buy, trade, all fine here.

The only no nos are listing an auction site as FS and listing several items FS seperately.

Oh, and spealing is reealey not tolareted by some. :-)


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Only reealley bad spealing is not tolareted..... ;-p

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Al Superczynski

Most of the newsgroups charters are based around the original Usenet Guidelines which can be found on the Net.

One idea is to put an indicator in capital letters enclosed in square brackets, in the subject line. For instance, adverts (which are allowed if relevant and not swamping the newsgroup) are usually indicated by [ADV] "some text" in the subject line.

Good luck!


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Richard Brooks

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