Model Railroad Auctions

I noticed you are a member of a special interest group related to Model
Railroading. I thought you might be interested in a new service that
specializes in people who buy and sell Model Railroad items exclusively.
If you are looking for items to buy, you can find it quickly on our service
because our categories are tailored to Model Railroading only. Our
categories begin where other auction sites leave off.
If you have ever thought of selling your merchandise through eBay, but
hesitated because of the associated cost of listing/re-lsting your items,
you will be interested in my service.
Take a moment to check out Model Railroad Auctions at:
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We offer substantially the same features as other popular auction sites, but
at less cost. There is no cost to list your items, and to re-list them
indefinitely if they do not sell the first time. The only fee is for listing
features that promote your auctions and a small commission if you
successfully sell your item.
In fact, if you join now, we'll credit you with $25 towards any fee
associated with listing and selling your items just to introduce you to our
There is no obligation to look and try our service. Although we currently do
not have the traffic that other auction sites have since we are a new
service, the people who do visit are only interested in the items you are
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Russell Cox
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Yes, looks like your just getting started and already have the problem of people trying to use it for an on-line store rather than an auction. $150 minimum bid for a Bachmann caboose!
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won't attract any new customers that way. Make your sellers get real. Starting bids that are close to street price or higher isn't an auction, it is a joke. If you want to have an auction site then do so, eliminate the "buy price". And I think you'll start attracting a lot more people.
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