Spectrum GP30 decoder install

Not being familiar with Spectrum locos, I'm looking for some help installing
a dcc decoder.
I opened up my GP30 tonight and discovered that it's not dcc ready like my
P2K. I can't even see any wiring or such... I didn't split the weight/frame
though. Is it as simple as splitting the frame and hacking away (like an
Athearn) or is there a civilized method? I did a yahoo search and didn't
come up anything useful.
Thanx and have a great day!
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Gary W. McIntyre
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Search for Tony's Train Exchange or Loy's Toys for help on decoder installs. Have you considered just buying a Proto 2000 GP30 instead, which come with NMRA DCC plug? Much better units and available for as low as $40 in most roadnames.
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Thanx, but I've been to both websites and everything I could find from a Yahoo search without any luck.
I know the P2K's are better, but I already have the Spectrum and other being a bit noisy (well, actually it's really noisy compared to a P2K or an Athearn) it's a nice looking and running locomotive.
I'm really looking for someone who has installed a decoder in one of these and can share the experience.
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Gary W. McIntyre
Try this link below
It' for an FM trainmaster, but it worked for a Dash 8 40C
formatting link

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Benoit Welschen
This will help a lot.
Have a great day! Gary
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Gary W. McIntyre

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