Proto 2000 GP-7 quistions

Hi I buy of a local secondware seller a LIFE LIKE Proto 2000 GP-7 no Package, no Info, run Good I show of the LL Webside and can not find this Model

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The GP7 is DCC ready with an NMRA compatible plug and comes equipped with PROTO

2000 magnetic couplers installed in frame-mounted, screw-in universal coupler pockets

The Body Shell is ERIE LACKAWANE No. 1405

Can any help

Greetings from Germany


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Jürgen Pollak
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What would you like to know about this fine model? The GP-7 may be out of production right now. All of the Proto 2000 Diesels I have had run very fine. I had some of the GP-9 diesels and they ran great and looked great too.

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John Franklin

"John Franklin" schrieb im Newsbeitrag

Hi I found many GP-7 of the Life Like side I found not the Erie Lackewana, no Productions Date Yes, the Life Like Diesels run fine I have a GP-18 and a FA2, this run fine I search for the FA2 (no DDC ready) help for convert to DCC No Webside found

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Jürgen Pollak

This particular model is not in production at the present time.

To convert an FA2 requires finding a decoder that will fit, and may require filing or machining part of the weight or frame so as to create a space for it. You may also have to isolate the motor electrically from the frame - I can't recall whether this model uses the frame as a ground. In all other respects, use the NMRA specs for connecting the decoder to the pickups, motor, and lights. Google on "NMRA DCC Standards." Also try "converting installing DCC HO diesel locos".

Good luck.

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Wolf Kirchmeir

This is catalog #23026, which is in amongst other Phase II GP7s. I figure it must be from the 1st release, which is not shown in the release list prior to 1998... no doubt an oversight on the part of Life-Like, but it can't be much older than that since, as you say, it is DCC ready.

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DCC Models

Thank you Juergen

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Jürgen Pollak

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