DCC and Bachmann Spectrum 4-8-2

I am thinking about going DCC for my new N scale layout. My fourth. I haven't started construction yet, I am still redoing the garage as a workshop and train room and am almost done. I plan to first build a test layout as I am thinking of using code 55 track and want to see how my present locomotives and rolling stock perform on it. A small double track oval layout with a few turnouts on a sheet of plywood seems like a good place to tryout track and technology that are new to me. My question is how well do the N scale Bachman Spectrum USRA light 4-8-2 or the Spectrum 2-8-0 perform. I plan on getting either one depending on my budget with a decoder installed. I would rather not start doing my own installation right now as I would like this to go as smooth as possible. I would appreciate any comments from owners of these loco's or other similarly priced loco's, in other words $200 or under with decoder installed.

Thanks Richard

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I have some experience with one of those locos. I installed a Lenz Decoder in one of them for a friend of mine.

The loco is very low geared (very nice slow speed and it still runs prototypically "slow" even at full throttle).

But it's fussy as far as electrical pickup goes. Strange as both the tender and the loco itself pickup current.

So, you need to keep you track perfectly clean to make that loco "happy".

I installed the Lenz decoder because it is the smallest N/Z decoder available. But personally I don't like Lenz decoders because they seem to need to reset after each power interruption. That takes about a second. So, every time loco loses contact with the track, it sits for a second until it starts up again. It is quite annoying.

Digitrax decoders dont' seem to have that problem. They start running almost instantly after they power is interrupted. But they are a bit bigger than Lenz. And Lenz fit in that loco perfectly.

That is pretty much all I know about this subject.


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Peter W.

Thanks a lot for your information. I'm getting the decoder, a Lentz, installed by the shop I'm buying it from. I hope to get started on the test track next weekend, conventional power first then DCC by Christmas. With luck I can start on the layout itself early next year.

Thanks again Richard

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