How to become locksmith

I have always been interested in locksmithing, I used to go through
the house and try to unlock everything in site. I found it quite
interesting how each lock depending on quality would either pop right
open as I moved my makeshift picks in, or I would have to work for
quite some time to get them loose.
Is there an accredidated school, do you find your local locksmith and
apprentace, do you just up and one day call your self and locksmith,
take a test, etc? If it matters I live in the state of Ohio, near
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W. Harrison
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Yea we used to live in Xenia, the place we had was right in the original Arrowhead plat and was rebuilt in 74". My wife couldn't stand it anytime the weather starting looking rough, about 2 years ago we had another tornado come about 2 miles from the house. We decided to move a little west to Bellbrook. We hit Yellow Springs about once a month to go to Youngs for Ice Cream, and Dark Star for books. Definately an interesting town. You live in the area?
Back to locksmithing, would I need to get certified by the state? I currently have a full time job doing network design, but wouldn't be opposed to switching careers. Something a little more interesting. Any information you or others would have would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, W.
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