How to become a locksmith.

Being that I enjoy working on just about anything and have some spare time I have been thinking about taking a course in Locksmithing to get the basics down. The area I'm in has NO real locksmiths locally so doing OTJ training won't work. I already have some practice with making keys from blanks by impressioning and filing. I have also done some re-keying on some cheaper locksets for some local folks. I would like to get some more knowledge.

Which courses are recommended and which should be avoided?

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Steve W.
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toss the money into the hat and contact Lockmasters.. --Shiva--

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^I second that^


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  1. Do you bathe regularly? At least once a month?
  2. Do you have most of your teeth?
  3. Can you count to 10?

If you answered yes to these questions, you will never be a locksmith.

If I were you, I would become a Linux programmer instead.

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Tomas Dunton

You've forgot to add the entry exam to be a Linux programmer...:

001) Have you had your hair cut in the last 3 years? 010) Have you had a shave this month? 011) Do you still have friends? 100) Can you remember what the sun looks like? 101) Give an example of a BASH command that will build and reformat a RAID 5 array, fetch and install a network installation of Linux, apply all updates, configure X, start X, create 20 new users with rotating passwords, assign an application to each user based on filetype, execute files for each user, backup to tape-store, and shutdown. Keep the command line under 25 characters. 8-o
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Gubo Dangle

I can get you a job writing for the Tonight Show. Are you interested?

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OK guy

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