How to launch ISDX

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've posted.
Just found out today we have 3 licenses of ISDX on our computers. This
is with 2001 because our clients are still running 2001.
Anyone know any good links for making geometry with this? So far I
haven't worked out how to make curves in the other dir that link to the
ends of the first 2 curves. I can make them in space but they don't
form a closed entity.
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is a link to an 'Ask the PLM' series, this one on ISDX. There are some tips and techniques that may answer some of your questions. If you need more in depth instruction and practice on the basics, PTC does have a course on ISDX. As well, Cadtrain and Cadquest courses or books on it. I took PTC's course at a community college which had an educational license. That was a pretty good deal and a very complete introduction to the basics and some advanced techniques.
BTW, most of the connections can be made by holding down the CTRL key as you drag or by setting 'Snap' in the Styling menu.
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