ROL NEWS--ZeroG Aerospace Launches Space Tourism

ZeroG Aerospace Launches Space Tourism
December 22, 2005
Web posted at: 12:34 PM EST
Seattle, WA (ROL Newswire) -- ZeroG Aerospace today announced the
first-ever chance for their consumers to participate in space
exploration through the company's new website at
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With the inaugural launch set for March 27, 2006 in the new Southwest
Regional Spaceport near White Sands, New Mexico, the countdown has begun
to fill this unprecedented payload, called ZGS-1. Starting at $49,
anyone can enter the space frontier by sending a small item into orbit.
Items suggested include business cards, small boxes filled with
keepsakes, or even ashes. "Up until now, space has been reserved for
NASA, other international powers, and the very, very wealthy," said Eric
Gorrell, CEO of ZeroG Aerospace. "Today, space tourism is taking flight
with ZeroG and there is finally a way for anyone to reach the stars
through our ZGS-1 payload." Following each trip, items are returned with
detailed flight information and an official ZeroG Certified Space Seal
to authenticate their space travel. In addition, people who send items
into space will become a part of history as names are entered in the
International Space Registry. ZGS-1 will blast into space at 4,000 MPH
on a high performance sub-orbital rocket developed by UP Aerospace, Inc.
Measuring 20 feet tall and 10 inches in diameter and weighing 775
pounds, the rocket will hit space in under 2 minutes. "We're thrilled to
partner with ZeroG on our maiden voyage," said Eric Knight, UP Aerospace
CEO. "This is the first of many planned future flights together." The
Space Tourism industry took off in 2004, when the first private citizen
made history by paying $20 million for a trip to space. That same year
saw the flight of the CSXT Space Shot, Burt Rutan's flight of
SpaceShipOne and Sir Richard Branson's purchase of five SpaceShipTwo's
from Scaled Composites, Inc. for more than $100 million. While Branson
plans to put people in space within 5 years and is already accepting
$200,000 per person deposits, the opportunity to participate in space
travel is very real today through ZeroG -- for less than $50. ZeroG
offers a number of holiday space promotions on its website, including
special jewelry to 'ring' in the New Year. "It's the perfect way to tell
a loved one they're out of this world," adds Gorrell. ZeroG is also
selling travel packages to witness the first launch. About Zero G
Founded in 2004 with a mission to make space available to everyone,
ZeroG Aerospace, LLC, founders have been involved with advanced rocket
development and NASA projects for over two decades. For more
information, visit
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