But remember, they didn't inhale...

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I could never get on lit

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Not my fault if you talk to the wrong people.

A sufficiently motivated and reasonably intelligent student can manage to get a good education anywhere... sometimes despite the school's best efforts. Conversely, someone who isn't willing to work won't get a good education anywhere.

Unfortunately, low-end correspondence schools are often targeted at the latter more than the former. Which is why I keep saying that this is definitely a case where you can get your money's worth out of it IF you're willing to do more than just-barely-pass... and if you realize the limitations of the course.

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Joe Kesselman

Ottawa Canada

As correspondence courses go, Foley-Belsaw and Locksmith Institute are not the worst correspondence courses available.

I believe they are approved for funding by the V.A. for veterans which is a step up from many other correspondence courses.

I swear Foley-Belsaw and Locksmith Institute have ran the same small ads for the last 40 years proudly declaring you can make $10 an hour as a locksmith.

I guess in a Right To Work state like Florida or Texas that is decent money for a Foley-Belsaw or Locksmith Institute graduate fresh off their course, with their MICRO PRECISION key cutting machine, a few dozen 5 pin blanks from Dominion Lock of Montreal, a can of tri flow and WD40.

Here in Ottawa, I don't think you can hire a self respecting burglar, let alone a locksmith for $10 an hour.

Well maybe if you kick in a 24 pack of good beer.

The ads about becoming an Auctioneer or Notary Public are also hilarious.

Friend of mine is an accredited Notary Public in New York State. All you have to do to become one is have a clean rap sheet and pass a multiple choice exam, mostly as to the applicable fee for notarizing various documents.

In my travels and stays in various hotels, some of them pretty big, I have found few have an in-house locksmith.

One large, four diamond hotel I stayed at the front desk mentioned their carpenter would re-key my room when I lost my room card.

Take care.


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Brian K.Lingard

It's not that they COULDN'T answer it. It's that they realized that they were wasting their time talking to any grown man who doesn't know the meaning of the word "certified". Or a grown man who can't comprehend that someone who says they are certified by FB probably means they got a certificate from FB.

PS Does this mean you'll now stop going on about it everytime the subject of FB is mentioned?

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That's because words gotten around.

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No lie. Foley Belsaw sucks dude.

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