How do I program my 2004 GM keyless remote

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Often self programming procedures are in your owners manual.
I would like to be more helpful but I don't have access to the books at this time. Also the parts department at the dealer might be able to help.
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Roger Shoaf
anything is possible if you have the right tech equipment. the most cost efficient thing you can do is take it to your GM dealer. or someone that has the tech equipment needed.
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I do have info for 2003 Suburban-Don't know if it changed in 2004 or not. If it has not, and there is already a working remote for the vehicle, it can be done on board with no diagnostic equipment.
Remote model ID(2000-2003 Suburban,Tahoe) 100652-(With panic) 100497-(w/o panic)
Hope this helps. Later, goma.
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Take a look on eBay. There are people selling replacement remotes there all the time. I got a couple for $15 each and they came with programming instructions.
Ed Lambert
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Ed Lambert
I did order a couple off eBay but no instructions were included.
I have on working old one and the two new ones are new in the box never been programmed.
Thanks for any help.
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Follow Up:
Thanks to Mike Levy on a different group I have the instructions and I can verify that they do work.
1. Get in the truck (make sure you have all remotes with you you want to program) and close the doors.
2 Put the key in the ignition, hold down the power unlock switch on the door panel and cycle the ignition on then off 2 times.
3. Release the lock switch and the power locks should cycle to confirm you are in programming mode
4. Hold down the Lock and Unlock buttons on the remote you want programmed for Remote 1, after about 15 seconds the locks should cycle to confirm the programming.
OPTIONAL Repeat step 4 for each transmitter to be programmed, then label them as 1, 2, 3 and 4, in the order they were programmed.
5. When done switch the ignition on and you are done. <END SNIP>
I only had three remotes but the 2004 Suburban will accept up to 4. The dash shows Dirver 1, 2, or 3 based on which remote you unlocked it with. Works great.
Hope this helps someone else.
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