How do you post a picture???

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not here.. 'most' of the news servers do NOT allow pictures on a NON binary group.. but it was a cute one of the boy trapped inside the machine..


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Get a free website somewhere (there are many services which offer this, including some which specialize in sharing photos). Follow their directions to upload the picture. Then post a message saying where you've put the picture and asking whatever questions you have about it.

Attempts to post pictures directly to alt.locksmithing are going to get you flamed, killfiled, cancelbotted, or otherwise shot down in flames.

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Joe Kesselman (address as shown

As soon as you have your free site up and going, find the page your picture(s) is(are) on. When your browser is on your page with your picture,put your cursor up where the address is shown and right click-then click on "copy" Then go to the newsgroup where you want to post. set your cursor down in the text area aand right click and click on paste-or type in the address by hand-or hold down Ctrl and hit "v". goma

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post it in alt.binaries

then reference it here

you're welcome

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Guess I can't do it unless.....stay tuned in a few days...


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