Key big mouth no balls.

Prove me wrong. Identify yourself. I know youll respond with some more fuckwittery. You cant help it.

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Nobody You Fucking Know
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with some more

already proved you to be a chickenshit, trash talking troll. now are you coming or you just going to keep running your spineless mouth ?

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From: "'Key"

How long are you going to let it keep baiting you? You did set yourself up for this one by offering to take a silly flaming contest offline into the real world. Now it is making what is, given your 'come on down so we can fight' statement, a reasonable request for personal information needed to locate you once it gets there. You would have to be a fool to give that information so now it calls you a chicken since you issued the challenge.

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set yourself up for

offline into the real

so we can fight'

needed to locate you

that information so now

Don't you think I know that ? He challenged me and I told him where I was and how to find me. I am serious as hell. I want him to come on down. He has insulted my integrity and also the integrity of the rest of the smiths here and to be honest, I don't like it one bit. however, I was going to plonk him today to give this group some break from his troll and let him piss in the wind.

guess I will do it now and be done with it. g'day

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I think you probably do but I'm not sure that you also know....., well I won't post it here if you want to hear it email me. The addy is valid.

Actually I think it was you that suggested taking it offline. But no matter.

OK. But how seriously do you think anybody is going to take it no matter how many names it posts under? I also have a very good idea who it is doing MOST but not all of it and think some people here already know and some others would be very surprised but since there is no rock solid proof that's all I will say for now.

Just for the hell of it lets look at the probably best case senario doing it your way:

It comes to Shreveport. It calls and you go to meet it. It doesn't shoot you from the bushes or from behind a parked car or a dumpster or whatever. You kick the crap out of it. It gets pissed off and calls the cops. You try self defense but since the fight was pre-arranged it's a hard sell. You have to go to trial. You get a good jury and beat the case, but have to pay a lawyer 4K or so. Worth it? I don't know. Only you know if it's worth it to you.

IMHO the best way to go.

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Lying sack of shit. You didnt tell me shit except the city you are in and some bullshit about 2nd yellow pages listing. Probably some competitor of your you want to make trouble for. You are too big a f****ng coward to even give your name.

Then tell me your name and address and Ill come right down you chickenshit.

Im sure you dont like having the fact that you have no integrity and are a chickenshit being pointed out but too bad.

Youre not plonking anyone. You have no f****ng self control. I know youre reading every post I write and its killing you that if you respond the rest of your little group will see you for the willpowerless little f*ck you really are.

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