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I must thank all the advice I read regarding opening briefcase locks.I bought a second hand Busby briefcase and nobody at the shop could give me the combination but as it was sold at a giveaway price I took it, knowing Google Groups won't let me down. What I did as per advice in Google was to take a long sportshoe lace and hook it around the latch and rolled the loose ends around one finger to secure it and pull it away from the rings.I then rolled the ring nearest the latch until it gave way a slight bit. One can feel the pressure change as it gives way. I did this for the second one and obviously the last one you just go through all numbers and voila it opened. I must warn people that even with the last one, it is easy to roll too quickly and miss the correct number.

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Shane Allen
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First, we don't discuss opening procedures on this group.

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Second, you've just told the rest of the world how to open YOUR briefcase. Don't you feel more secure, now?

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Stormin Mormon

Why when making blanket statements like this do you refer to a text which a. says that there is debate on the discussion of defeating instructions and b. gives specific defeating instructions and links to even more?

I've said it before I'll say it again they (the FAQ's) don't back up your point. They undermine it more than they support it.

If he was concerned about it I doubt he would have posted it here not to mention his post seems to indicate he got the information on usenet in the first place.

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