Briefcase Combination Lock Locked!!! Help!!!

This is the case I currently have:

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This is a picture of the lock:
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If you'll notice the lock (from left to right): (Item 1) There is a rectangular piece that can swing outward (Item 2) There are 3 rollers with numbers (Item 3) There is a square button that protudes out like in the picture

This is what happened: I received my package, unpacked it, took out the case, unlatched it (NOTE I did not open the case yet) and noticed (Item 1, the retangular piece) is swung outward. I also noticed that the (Item 2, the 3 numbers), were set to 0,0,0 (I think). Now here comes the stupid part. I press (Item 1) in so that it is swings back into place (flushed with the case , like in the picture).

Now I can't open the briefcase =[

The next thing I tried was the brute force method. I started at 000 and went up to 999, each time pressing (Item 3, the square button). Each time the button would not go in. I tried this TWICE (going from

000 to 999 TWICE).

NOTE: I'm not sure how to operate the lock. NOTE: I do not know the combination.

Can someone help me to open this case? From reading this board I know that I can call a locksmith but that would cost me a lot of money.

Also, can someone tell me how this lock work so I can correctly attempt to brute force the lock (if I'm not brute forcing it correctly).

Thanks, Peter

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Peter N.
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Why don't you contact Pelican?

PelicanT Products, Inc.

23215 Early Avenue Torrance, CA 90505 Phone: (310) 326-4700 within California (800) 473-5422 outside California Fax: (310) 326-3311 E-mail:

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Click here to inquire about the dealer nearest you, or call Pelican's Customer Service Department at

800.473.5422 (Outside CA) or 310.326.4700 (within CA).
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Mike Easter

I suspect that the combination is still on the factory setting, and you are not actuating the release correctly. Dial it back to 000 and work from the assumption that what ever you have been doing was wrong so try other things like sliding.

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Roger Shoaf

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For most of these type locks probe down next to the wheels as you turn them from one number to the next, usually to the R of the wheel with something small and sharp. You're feeling for the gates when you feel them write down the number and add 5. Try that. if it doesn't work on yours add 4 and so on.

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Punch Job

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