Various locks, some on factory mounts. Custom mounts etc.

After closing my shop I have some displays of Unican lever sets, 2 X

5000 series, 1 x 4000 series all IC core lever units, a complete Ilco Learn Lock 850L system with the starter card pack etc. I also have a lot of solid wood (mostly oak) mounts many with hardware on them. There is some high end stuff in there like factory Medeco rim lock and deadbolt mounted hardware. They range from deadbolt mounts to flush bolt displays, Medeco grip set displays, and Peep hole mounts. I can break it up and sell off items or take photos of the lot and sell it off that way. If anyone is interested I will work a price once I how to tackle the sale of it all. The mounts are a great head start for anyone looking at expanding their retail end of the business. Most of these units would pass for new minus the original box and maybe needing a strike plate here and there.

Email me if there is any interest I will snap some photos. Can ship anywhere in the lower 48 states and Canada.

If you know a venue other than this that would be good for selling such items on the net I'd appreciate someone letting me know.

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has a public section..might see about it?

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might be interested as well


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