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I am doing a remodel and have to put in all new exterior/interior locksets. The front door has got me baffled. I have never had a mortise lock. I understand that Schlage grade 1 locks have some extra security/durability/construction features but they are very limited on trims. Baldwin on the other hand has many trims but does not have the same rating. My wife wants a lockset with a contemporary bar pull and she wants either a mortise lock or a lockset with a deadbolt *and* a incorporated lock in the lever action. I know these used to be very common but now Schlage seems to just have the lever and a deadbolt. If it were me I would put on a B660P deadbolt and a D53PD button action single cylinder knobset. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Michael Roback
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I suggest you put on the kind of lock your wife wants. A Baldwin mortise lock is a fine piece of hardware and *if properly installed*, will give you a lifetime of service.

By properly installed I mean the mortise pocket and the all of the trim must be installed to spec. If the machining of the door or the installation of the trim gets fudged the lock will not function properly.

As a general rule knobs are better than levers, but as usual the Mrs. opinion is a trump card.

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Roger Shoaf

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