New to electric - have questions.

I just bought an electric motor (336 Watt) and a 30 Amp speed control to put in a mini edge. Is there a book or info available on how to wire these items up?

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It's pretty easy, really. I've been flying for almost two years now, all electrics. Both heli and fixed wing.

There should be three sets of wires.

One pair (red & black) goes to the battery. These will be the heaviest (thickest) guage wires. If the plug doesn't match your battery connecter, you'll have to change it (or the battery's connector). It's also possible the wires were bare, in which case you can put on the connector of your choice. I'm fond of Dean's plugs myself.

Next you should have a ribbon of three wires going to a plug that fits your receiver. This plugs into the throttle channel of the receiver. If the ESC has a BEC (battery elimination circuit) then you DO NOT plug a battery into the receiver. The ESC will supply the power.

Finally, the last set of wires go to the motor. If it's a brushed motor there will be two wires. If it's a brushless, then three wires. Just match up the colors (sometimes one doesn't match, but the others do). If the prop spins the wrong way simply swap the wires (on brushless swap any two wires of the three). Or, if the ESC is programmable you may be able to change rotation that way.

The plugs on the motor wires are gold plated bullet connectors. If they are not already soldered on, be advised that you need a good hot soldering iron. The heavy guage of the wires on these will act as a heat sink and dissipate the heat. If your iron is too small, you'll never have enough energy to melt the solder before the wires pull the heat away.



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You might find some useful hints here. this is an e-book on electric flight. Both locations have the same information.


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