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I'm with a company that takes care of a few apartment buildings.

> We recently had a problem with a toilet that started leaking > and caused the ceiling to fall in the apartment below. The tenant > with the leak was unreachable for more than 24 hours so we had to > break in. The door had a medeco cylinder with a security plate over it. > > Not seeing that it was a medeco, we tried to drill out the pins. > After breaking a few drill bits we finally resorted to a crowbar, > which pulled the strike out of the frame. > > A locksmith who came later to replace the lock, said that he could > have gotten in without destroying the lock or frame. He wouldn't tell > us how to do it. > > Anyone know a way?

Yes. A few of them do. Most of them dont. None of them will tell you unless you know the secret f****ng handshake. I will though. The way to deal with Medeco is to gain access to the boltwork behind the lock through the keyway and throw it independent of the lock plug. The tool is just a straight wire with a curved tip. Go to:

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and scroll down about 1/3 of the page to the adams right tool to see a picture.

This same company also sells a complete bypass kit for the Medeco but it is overpriced.

Im gonna do a detailed piece on it and post it here including detailed description of how to make your own tools I just havent gotten around to it yet. Anyway in short as you can see commercial tools are sold for this purpose. Get a supply catalog by writing to the supplier on locksmith letterhead because afterall only secret squirrel locksmiths have locksmith letterhead LMAO. The problem is that there is a security shutter which is SUPPOSED to be installed to prevent your doing this. I say SUPPOSED to be because many secret squirrels are lazy and dont install the damn thing. If the shutter is installed then it must be drilled. It is hardened so you need to use a carbide bit like you use for safe drilling. A masonry bit will do. To drill it use a Z shaped tool except with the vertical part of the Z at

90 degrees to the horizonal parts not diaganol like the Z I just typed to insert into the keyway and push the pins up out of the way. Now while holding the pins up and out of the way insert the carbide bit into the keyway and drill through the shutter at the back of the keyway Medeco keyways are large and give plenty of access. When drilling with a carbide bit you want to use high speed. Like I said this has just been a brief description since Im in a f****ng hurry right now. If you have the old lock off the door study the way its designed and you can see what Im talking about and can probably bend up a tool to do what you need out of piano wire or other straight stock.

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the adamsrite tool will NOT work on a medeco rim cylinder- if you have ever seen a medeco rim cylinder, you would know that the tail is held on with a screw on cap, the tool would not go anywhere.

Their mortise cylinders for YEARS have had the back washer so this tool will not work on them either

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JOCK tec

Most locksmith don't put the anti ice picking collar wich makes it very easy to ice pick even with a small flat head screwdriver. I usally drill the brass collar after I'm done I turn the collar so that the hole isunder the cylinder. sometimes I drill ontop of the brass collar and use a scar plate.

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