Re: Reprogrammable Keys

Subject: Reprogrammable Keys
>From: "Ming Jun Huang"
>Date: 7/6/2003 3:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time
>Message-id: <MM_Na.3459$> >
>I now sell something which I do'nt understand-reprogrammable locks(
>cylinders) which uses a gold key to reprogram ; means no need to change
>cylinders when locks are upgraded; just disable the existing set of keys and
>use the new set! They are from Italy and seem to suit amateur locksmith-It
>does do a professionally good job though!
>You see there is a grandmaster key that reprograme all; then there is a max
>of 3 masters( sub-master) which can only program a selected group of locks-
>does it meanthat mathematically- the sub master keys has a third of
>cominations the grand master key has? The grand Master is supposed to have
>1,034,262 combinations.
Not familiar with them. They sound useful though. Do you have a web or other
address for the manufacturer? I owuld like to get more info.
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