replacing lock on steel desk

Does anyone know how to replace a lock on the front drawer (long narrow
one) on an older steel desk? The lock is steel or nickel plated and
I'm not sure how to access it for removal. Does anyone know how I
would go about having a key made to fit?
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open the drawer.. can you see the lock mounting screws OR is all you see a slot for the lock to stick up thru? if the latter, then pop out the pencil drawwer and you will see the lock, remove and take to a locksmith..
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Probably a retainer/nut on the inside of the desk drawer. Can be impressioned, sight read or key can me made by code, the latter is only going to be possible if there's a code stamped on the lock. Nothing to making a key for it in any event.
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take the pencil tray out first / then remove the lock. or get the code number off the face of the lock and have a key made..
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you know, any more I got to have the lock in hand anyway.. Am finding too many key possibilities for some codes.. had one 2 weeks back, was 4 different blanks used the code series --Shiva--
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I've seen a lot of different designs of desk locks. Some of them, you have to pick or turn the keyhole 90 degrees to depress the retainer to get the lock out.
Your best bet is to lift the drawer out, and take the whole drawer to a locksmith shop.
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