where to find lock kit for file cabinet?

hi, I have a 4-drawer file cabinet with a hole for a lock kit in the upper right corner of the front; I need a lock for it---preferably, a lock I can install on my own. all hardware stores in my area don't have the lock I'm looking for, and are absolutely clueless about who may carry it.

details: the cabinet is a Century/Steelmaster, made by Art Steel of California. the hole for the lock kit is like a rectangle where the left and right sides are rounded out instead of straight; it measures

7/8" width (max., in the middle) by 9/16" height.

does anybody know where I might find a lock for this cabinet?

thanks much, Marcelo

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Other than a locksmith you might try calling an office supply store. Here is a link to a web site.....

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Leon Rowell

Marcelo Benedetti wrote:

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As well as the cam lock, you may also need the locking bar that moves up and down when the key is turned. If the locking bar is absent, it would only be obtainable from the maker of the cabinet.

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Ottawa Canada

Hi Marcelo:

Try contacting Art Steel of California, the maker of your file cabinet for the appropriate lock and aso the latching mechanism the lock needs to operate to securre the drawers.

Yoiur local dealer in Office furniture may be able to put the lock in for you or Art Steel may be prepared to explain to you how to install the lock and latch mechanism.

Do bear in mind that filing cabinet locks are easily bypassed with common items found in most offices and on sale to anyone with about two dollars to spend at the nearest office supply store. Office furniture locks generally only keep the honest people such as children out of the drawers.


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