UPVC Door Lock: Key and lock not in sync

I'm a newbie to this, and I've got a problem with my door lock. It's on a UPVC door and the key rotation is not tying in with the movement of the bolt.

I'm not explaining that well, but it means I can't get the key out of the lock when the door is closed and bolt is all the way into the door frame.

I'd appreciate any assistance... and I'll answer any questions if anyone has any...

Cheers, Rich

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Richard Gillis
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Retime the torque blades on the rear of the cylinders the correct way & problem solved.

BTW, adding in type of lock & Mfr would've helped.


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One simple and annoying cause of this is a slightly shallow pocket in the strike - so the bolt doesn't quite reach the end of its possible travel and so the cylinder doesn't get *all* the way back to the position in which the key can be extracted.

This can be checked very easily by throwing the bolt with the door open (so nothing interferes with the bolt's travel) and seeing if the key can be taken out.

If so - the solution should be obvious.

If not, then this isn't the problem. :-)

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Henry E Schaffer

I had a similar, but there was the outer shell of the door frame and an INNER.. the hole was cut in both, but when the frame got hot in the sun, it was under stress and twisted a bit, NOT allowing the bolt full travel.


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My thanks to everyone so far.... not sure I really understood the first answer (just being a home owner and all), and unfortunately the second answer does not apply - the door has been in use for a number of years and upto now did work correctly (also if the door is open, the key can still not be removed if the bolt is fully locked).

Any other suggestions ?

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Richard Gillis

Umm, Yes...


You could actually tell us in another post what _*_KIND_*_ of lock it is... (Just like Newnsie asked...)

Is it an: Arrow; Schalge; Kwikset; ETC ETC... ??????

Shiva had good advice for you, but I don't think that is your problem...

Did you recently install a _NEW_ lock in this "door that has been in use for a number of years" ???

If you have done so, read below; If you didn't call a locksmith or go and buy a new lock...

Without actually knowing what kind of lock it is that you have, I am going to guess that you installed it incorrectly... Take it apart again... Did you install the bolt in the door upside down ??? (There is a difference) -- Look at it there might be something on it that indicates "this side up"...

When it is installed correctly, the lock works the way it was intended to... However, When it is installed upside down the bolt works incorrectly, as the key can not be removed when the bolt is extended, because when you rotate the key in order to remove it the bolt retracts at the same time...

Hope that helps...

Evan, ~~formerly a maintenance man, now a college student

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I've come across situations where the cam on the cylinder that throws the bolt is at the one o clock position instead of the 7 oclock as it should be, ie 180 degrees out. Dont know how this comes about though. If you take the cylinder out and remove the key what position is the cam in? I'm in UK so this applies to euro cylinders & Oval.

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Ron Ireland

Hi all,

Stragely enough, when I came back from work the other day, my wife had fixed the lock. She said she just turned the key - anyway.. it's all back to normal.

Thanks very much for everyone's help.

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Richard Gillis

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