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I have a steel security door that has a deadbolt lock which is keyed on the inside and the outside (two similarly keyed locks?). The lock is called Arrow and the inside keyway opening is where the key remains are imbedded. I have attempted to remove the key but I only have room on the top or sides of the broken key to insert dental picks, but there is no movement whatsoever suggesting that the broken key is wedged in the lock. Getting a saw blade into the opening is impossibe . All I succeeded in doing with the dental picks is pushing the broken key in deeper.

I am wondering if there is some way to remove the lock so that I can get behind the lock's keyway and push the broken key out from the back? I have studied the lock and cannot figure out how it comes apart - removing the two screws holding the plate at the door edge where the deadbolt slides will not release the plate.

Am I at the point where I need professional assistance or is there still hope for a homeowner fix?

Thanks for any suggestions or advice

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With Arrows, you have to turn the key to open the shutters which expose the mounting screws. So, there's not much chance of dissembly.

You may need a pro to help with this one. Some locksmiths such as myself have been able to finagle keys out of tight keyways.

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Stormin Mormon

Yes, and yes.

Git im!

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If it is the correct key that is broken off in the lock, will the lock cylinder turn with a screwdriver? If so you should be able to turn it to expose the mounting screws.....

Leon Rowell

fdm2000 wrote:

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Leon Rowell

Ottawa Canada

Hi Leon:

Sounds like you need to call in a professional locksmith to get your broken key out of the keyway and rekey the lock for you.

Good luck.


Le> If it is the correct key that is broken off in the lock, will the lock

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