Weatherproof padlocks

I need a good weatherproof padlock for an iron gate. I do have some ABUS padlocks around, but wondering if you guys recommend another brand. The gate has a master on it now, which is quickly wearing down.

This is for a members-only area in a gun club. Should not need real high security either, because there is someone around most of the time. Just to keep non-members and non-dues-payers from having access

Also if ANYBODY knows where I can find some gate boxes to rig up on a pipe gate,(looks like 2-1/2 0r 3 inch) please let me know.

Any suggestions appreciated. goma.

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there is a 'box' that you weld onto a steel gate, takes a double cylinder dead bolt.. that help??


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This gate is a pipe, so maybe U-bolts-then weld... Has to match up with vertical pipe that would have a box on it too. Considering this as it may work better than padlock and chain. Yes I was planning on double-cylinder LORI.

I will check on Pro Series.

Thanks guys. goma.

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