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Yes I to have fallin as a victom of the yellow pages AKA (super pages) We sent in our own artwork for a hafe page add witch turned out fine (most likely because it was our artwork). The phone number mistake was at the listing under locksmithing,under Key listing and the white pages. We tried to contact them,only to see they were not going to reply back. Finnaly contacted and was told sorry at least the main add is correct.(funny) I pay for the hole package.(response you pay for the main add and the others are free) REAL FUNNY Called many lawyers on this matter and all had the same answer sorry we can't help you. After 4 months past we finnaly recieved a hole wooping %10 off the monthly bill.Take it or leave it deal The wrong number cause not only our company stress in its FIRST YEAR but a very well known and large Transportation Company with the extra

5 to 10 calls a day that i might add WE DO NOT RECIEVE.

All and all we can only hope next year SUPER PAGES run there business in a profesional manor (FUNNNY)

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I would place a call to the Public Service Commission and file a complaint. Also with the Better Business Bureau. You could also write a column in the local newspaper, just make damm sure you state nothing but the undisputable facts in the case.

I've been in that situation before, and have gotten the problem solved. You're also talking to the wrong people. Your dealing with "customer no-service". Go up the food chain and see what happens. All and all, you are not obligated to pay for something you didn't agree to.


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turned out fine

mistake was

the white

going to

the main add

you pay for

answer sorry

a hole


with the extra

there business

wouldn't pay for something that is wrong. go up the ladder, so to speak. complain to Public Service Commission.

similar thing happened to me in my first year. ended up getting my ad for free !

note: always get proof of your ad before publishing date.


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So by using the phone company's logic, that big dispaly add is only worth 9 times what a listing is worth.

Perhaps next year you can get 10 line listings and skip the dispaly ad? Or use this as a negotiation issue.

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