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In the past we had
SolidWorks Office
SolidWorks Office Professional
Each was distinguished from each other with the inclusion of SW
Add-Ins and in the case of Professional - PDMWorks. You bought the
package you needed and paid the applicable price to do so.
Recently, Solidworks has discontinued SW Office. This forces new users
to decide either to buy the basic package (SolidWorks) or make the
jump to Professional (With the associated price increase).
In essence, you are now choosing between the two extremes of minimal
package or everything but the kitchen sink.
Am I the only one to think that SW is trying to put the new user in
the difficult positon of trying to upsell their bosses on the more
expensive product even though they might not need all the "extras"
that are offered?
Also, if you need a company or enterprise PDM system you have to pay
for PDMWorks (Which, according to SW's own adds is an individual or
Workgroup PDM)and then never install it. Or buy SW and then get
nickled and dimed by purchasing individual "Add-Ins".
I'm having a difficult time taking the marketing types "Our customers
want it this way" reason. Is this really a customer friendly thing to
do or is it just a cash grab to increase revenues now that parametric
modelers are mainstream and annual revenues are flattening?
Can't figure out why I'm so beat up about this -
What is your opinion?
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Len K. Mar
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As I understand it, if you already have Office, your sub continues as previously. Only new subs have to make this choice.
Mind you, I'm sure marketing types at SWX will change rules as time moves on !!
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Neville Williams
It is back to ala carte. Buy the basics and the addins. That is what I did originally. SW and PhotoWorks.
The good news is that most people really don't use much if anything in Office, or they try it and then drop it. In the long run this will work out for users. By the basic SW and then just ala carte for those few users who may need PW, FW, Animal, etc.
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I am okay with it because they didn't discontinue office for existing users. Had they done that I would be peeved, along with thousands of other users. They really haven't made a price increase in the last 10 years. This is a way of making more money and at least they are adding to the value and not just slapping with a price increase to maintenance or something alone those lines. If we all take a deep breath and figure that for 10 years our pricing has been the same we can understand some of the repositioning they are doing for a little more revenue.
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Doesn't MS do the same thing. If you just want Word and Excel you have to either buy each of them at full price or go with Office Standard which comes with PowerPoint or some other program that people seldom use for home use.
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