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Anyone using WindChill PDM with Autocad? Specifically wondering how well it handles xrefs. We're a multi-discipline firm who relies heavily on references. Drawings are typically 2D plant design. Windchill is being suggested to replace the current DMS as another group is already using Windchill and there's a desire to consolidate. By any chance does Windchill support MicroStation?

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I will assume that you mean Windchill PDMLink and not Windchill PDM.

To use another CAD package with PDMLink, requires a workgroup manager program from PTC. They do not have workgroup managers for AutoCad or MicroStation. So the answer is no, PDMLink cannot be used to manager your data.

Listed Workgroup Managers on the PTC website are: Autodesk Inventor CADDS CATIA V4 CATIA V5 ECAD I-Deas Pro/E 2001 SolidWorks Unigraphics

Workgroup Managers are version dependent, usually only with the last 2 releases.

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Ben Loosli

This is not true, PDMLink does have a workgroup manager for AutoCAD. It handles X-refs, creating a CAD document structure and even sync attributte values between AutoCAD and PDMLink and any WTParts.. I tested the manager for a while and i was very impressed. Currently the latest version of the manager supports AutoCAD 2005 but i have tested it with AutoCAD 2006 and have not been able to reproduce any errors.

As far as i know there is no workgroup manager for Microstation, you can still upload and download .DGN files as regular documents but PDMLink will not be able to understand any referances between them unless you create theese manually within PDMLink.


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