Windchill and Solidworks

The CAD community at my company is divided between Pro/E and
SolidWorks users. The Pro/E side uses Windchill 8.0 (soon to be 9.0)
for data management. The SolidWorks side is deciding between
Windchill and PDMWorks. I have heard that the Windchill Workgroup
Manager for SolidWorks is usually a revision behind SolidWorks
releases, which would mean it can not manage 2008 data. Anyone know
of a SolidWorks release limitation in Windchill? (We have a call into
PTC but are too impatient to wait for a call back.)
Also, if anyone has any opinions about the Windchill Workgroup Manager
for SolidWorks, they would be greatly appreciated.
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We are having problems with PDMworks, (2007 sp4), and every year it get worse!
Yes, our var and Solidworks are aware of the problems, but guess what? nothing as usual is being done.
Yes there is a report number, but I don't hold my breath that there are fixes in 2008, we will just have to wait and see.
If you are not having problems with Windchill, stick with it, even better get their var to call me, lol
We are only a small company, (with the PDMworks side setup by our var), god knows what the bigger companies are doing!
Anyone thinking of going with PDMworks, Please for your own peace of mind, Don't!
Sorry Solidworks, but you really do need to get your software working, in the way that it says on the box!
Anyone thinking of buying Solidworks, I have one name, MUGG, just like I was four years ago!
Over £300,000 investment costs with Solidquirks, and AutoCAD lt still is quicker from concept to manufacturer, (for one off's, but with more design errors). Yes we still use it, lol.
We now, only use Solidquirks for our standard range, after the prototype has been made using AutoCAD lt.
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You would not be hurting yourself to stay a release behind in SW.
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I do not have any experience with Windchill Workgroup manager, but I do have a decade of experience with SolidWorks. As Paul (TOP) indicated, do not concern yourself with being immediatly compatible with 2008. It is common in this industry to wait 4-8 months after a release of SWx for an enterprise to adopt a new version ( due to bug repair). Though some inevetibly do, (for the most part) the next year they don't. I just wanted to give you another data point to reinforce Paul on his comment. Ed
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Edward T Eaton
Thanks for the insight. A wise decision was made to go with PDMWorks.
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