Can anybody tell me how much COSMOS Professional currently costs, and what its yearly maintenance fee is for a single seat. I know I probably can get this easily from my VAR, but I don't want the sales pitch.

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We just upgraded to Office Preminum. Yearly maint is $1999, I believe the upgrade cost is the difference between your current product level, and Prem. We were on office pro, so it was about a $4000 upgrade. Office Prem is $8995.

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In May, I received a quote from my VAR that was for adding COSMOS Pro to a seat of SW Premium. The cost was $5000 and would up our subscription from $1995 to $3270.

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As the other posts describe there are a few ways to get there. Upgrading to Premium and then adding Cosmos Works Professional to it is one way. That upgrade path probably only makes sense if you also could use some of the other add-ons that would come with the upgrades (PDMWorks, Motion, Routing, etc)

If you have SolidWorks, Office, or Office Professional and you just want to add CosmosWorks Professional the cost woud be $6995 for Works Professional plus $2275 for maintenance.

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