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RANT so if you are not interested stop here!


So as a small business we buy 10-15,000 lbs of an extrusion from this company MidAmerican Extrusions who for the last year has jerked us around on requiring payment in advance of order. We never had issues paying this company in the past but because of another business I owned going south my personal credit has taken a hit. It happens so I pay in advance and wait. That's life.

The last three orders of 4-5000 lbs have had tolerance issues which I discussed with the sales manager Brad Brooks. This last order was so out of tolerance that we had to either make modifications as we ran the parts or scrap the entire lot and wait for more extrusion. After waiting to get this order I couldn't afford any more delays in getting my customers products so I decided to make the modifications and run the job after meeting with MIDA reps. I met with the sales manager the next day after the tolerance issue was discovered, this was a Wednesday. When I say tolerance issues I mean something spec'ed as +/- .009 we had +/- .045 which where I sit is pretty bad. The severity of the inconsistency made it impossible to run the lot without coming up with a workaround. Since the main issue was around engraving we decided to make some pockets and engrave within the pockets. This dramatically changed my end product's look but having something to sell is better than angry customers.

The extrusion house didn't get back to me for almost a week after our meeting and to rerun was three weeks on top of that. They offered to pay $300.00 as compensation for their poor quality or re-run the order which had now been delayed at least two days in machining waiting to hear back from MID A on an order that cost me $7500.00. So we went ahead and made the mods to get product in MY customers hands. This was on 500 pieces which has retail finished product value of $ 81,000. Imagine if I told my customers, sorry the part isn't what we agreed to in our specification sheet so here's a buck, now go away!

On top of all that I researched the company and found out they are owned by a conglomerate from Bahrain and Kuwait. They aren't even AMERICAN!

Well what goes around comes around Mr. TOM STRICKLAND who is president of MidAmerican Extrusions. I have not only written to his highness Sheikh Ebrahim Bin Khalifa Al-Khalifa who is chairman of the board, but one of my GOOD customers is a Horse Breeding powerhouse owned by Sheikh Khalid Abdullah. It's a small world and words will be shared this race season between these two fellow horse breeders. I was assured by Sheikh Abdullah that he will protest your treatment of Sheikh Al-Khalifa's customer in the most stringent manner consistent with their customs.

Maybe retirement looks good now.



Tom you know how to get in touch with me!

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You're either confused or just mad because neither Bahrain or Kuwait will allow Al Jazeera in their countries. Neither of those places is under Sharia law.

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LOL. That ain't what Aljazeera is all about.

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