ask for help (My physical final year project)

Dear Mr/Ms: I am an undergraduated student of applied physics, next
semester I will do my final year project, and the following is the
information about it:
Topic: "Tuning electronic properties of B-C-N nanotubular materials
through computations"
Because of their tunable b:c:n ratio, B-C-N heterotubular
nanostructured materials are expected to offer fruitful properties
and thus wide applications, compared to the well known and
extensively studied carbon nanotubes. theoretical predictions of
their electronic property are highly desirable in order to promote
the synthesis and application of the kind of functional materials.
Who can tell me what is B-C-N nanotubular materials, and where I can
find some references about it? Wish you can help me.
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one reference on the growth of B-C-N nanotubes:
Pyrolytic-grown B-C-N and BN nanotubes Renzhi Ma and Yoshio Bando, Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, Volume 4, Issue 5, September 2003, Pages 403-407 (found via sciencedirect)
Literature research is a very important part of all research work. I you don't have any experience in that, it's the right moment to learn it now. Ask an experienced researcher or your librarian to show you how to find your information efficiently.
for a starting point, do a search on
Of course you need a subscription to have access to the articles, usually your university library pays for that. For access you have to be within the university subnet.
have fun!
Andreas Rutz
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Andreas Rutz

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