Career Opportunity - Senior Glass Chemist/Electronic Materials

Position: Senior Glass Chemist/Electronic Materials
Location: Carlstadt, NJ
Relocation Package Available
POSITION SUMMARY - Under the direction of the Director of the
Electronic Materials team, the Senior Glass Chemist is responsible for
leading the identification and development of specialty glass frit and
ceramic materials for Electronic Materials applications and
Photovoltaics in particular. The Chemist will leverage his/her
understanding of glass/ceramic material compositions and properties to
improve the performance of the inks developed by the Electronic
Materials team such as photovoltaic metallization and diffusion
pastes. This process is exercised through Design for Six Sigma (DFSS),
Design of Experiments (DoE), exploratory research and requires
cumulative experience, creativity, and precision judgment. A minimum
of supervision is given, as the job assumes an in-depth knowledge of
the synthetic, process and/or formulation chemistry related to glass
and ceramic materials.
=95 Leads assigned projects to successful completion.
=95 Supports the Electronic Materials team in the area of glass frit and
ceramic material chemistry to help improve Sun=92s metallization pastes
=95 Establish structure-properties relationships in order to help
improve electrical performance. Organize the analysis and benchmarking
of commercial glass frit materials and select materials for optimum
performance in the application.
=95 Researches and develops new glass frit compositions through
experimentation and/or computer simulation work and introduces new raw
=95 Uses DfSS methodology and tools to develop robust products and
=95 Documents assigned projects and hours in SunGPM and ensures project
milestones are achieved in a timely manner.
=95 Researches and develops existing materials, formulations and
processes for the purpose of improving performance, cost, or quality.
=95 Organizes performance/application testing for the products under
=95 Supports pilot plant scale-up and production trials in order to
translate new materials, compositions or processes from the R&D lab to
pilot plant and manufacturing.
=95 As required by the project, works closely with partner companies to
advance the development of product(s) and/or processes.
=95 Works with vendors, tollers, raw materials and equipment suppliers
in order to advance the project and optimize Sun=92s cost position.
=95 Publishes reports and/or presentations at regular intervals on
assigned work projects. Documents experimental work in a lab notebook
using best practices to ensure that notebook may be used.
=95 Analyze the IP landscape and protect new developments by filing
invention disclosures/patents.
=95 Researches and analyzes open literature and patents related to the
products or processes related to the assigned projects, and identify
patent opportunities.
=95 Ensures that requirements for ISO certification are met in lab
operation and experimental notebook.
=95 Follows the Chemical Hygiene and looks for Safety improvements.
Maintains a clean, safe work area and coordinates repair of equipment
as applicable.
=95 Support technology leader in providing regular project updates and
developing presentation material for leadership and strategic review
=95 Support the technical team to develop photovoltaic paste with
improved performance. Help control the cost of glass frit materials
in the formulation and secure supply sources
=95 Strong Project Management skills
=95 Good presentation skills
=95 Ability to interface with customers to capture VoC
=95 Strong analytical skills and creativity
=95 Proven knowledge of glass frit and ceramic materials chemistry for
Electronic Materials applications.
=95 Experience in photovoltaic glass frit development
=95 Ability to scale-up product to pilot and production scale
=95 Six Sigma GB or BB training is preferred
=95 Experience in DoE and Measurement System Analysis
=95 Ability to prioritize tasks and develop/follow milestone plan
=95 Understanding of Intellectual Property processes
=95 Expertise in public and patent literature searching
=95 Ability to work effectively with a cross-functional team
=95 Ph.D. in Inorganic, Ceramic Materials or related Chemistry field.
Candidates with a MS Degree with extensive experience (10+ years) and
a proven track record may be considered.
=95 5+ yrs of industrial R&D experience in glass/ceramic material
development for Electronic Materials.
=95 Specific experience in glass frit development for photovoltaics is
strongly preferred.
To apply for this position, e-mail resume to Debi Pettigrew,
Recruiting Connections of Management Recruiters of Melbourne
(321) 951-7644, Ext. 3199
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