Tom Senior?

I am trying to get a history of Tom Senior engines, so far I have discovered almost nothing! My own engine is a Simplex 1/8th horsepower but I would like to know anything about the Marque.


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I have seen a history of the company (which probably made more machine tools than engines) somewhere. It may have been in Model Engineer magazine which I don't take but tend to flick through in the news agents. Can anyone confirm?

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Nick Highfield

SEM issue 26 had a four page feature on them by Charles Hudson. Maybe the SEM reprint service can help. I would offer a copy but mine is a copy and not very good.

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Arthur Griffin & Jeni Stanton

Previously posted a reply, but it got lost in transit.

I'd search ME ads every five years from 1905-1940. Engine size quoted sounds more like a modelling adventure for Senior's tools than a power source. Many makers of engine castings ran regular, small, monthly ads for their goodies.

Other SEM coverage up to '93 includes :-

Tom Senior engine 217/6 Superior 219/5-6 Superior 186/22 Simplex 168/22 Superior 163/14 164/21 engine 153/17 Simplex 69/3 Superior 59/4-5

Haven't checked the last 10 years. Far too "Johnny Come Lately" for me ............!

Ancient old git, AKA Colin

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Colin Osborne

I'm sure I've seen it recently, pictures of the man himself, factory, the lot. Oh for a memory!

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Nick Highfield

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