Dealing with drum glides on Montgomery Ward dryer

Have an old Montgomery Ward dryer ca. '79. When replacing the ball/socket
bearing at the back of the drum, I see that the glides are showing
considerable wear. The dryer still functions but it's just a matter of time
before they're worn to the point where they'll be unusable. Obviously the
slight dip in angle contributed to the spindle of the socket bearing making
contact with the support plate sooner than it otherwise would have.
This one uses a set of three of the top-mounted type - i.e. the drum hangs
on them. As I'm sure is always the case, the center one on top and the one
on the "upwind" side of the drum rotation show the most wear. I found that a
replacement set would be around $70 by the time I pay tax - I only paid $100
for it in '88. It's otherwise intact, I hate to get rid of something that's
basically perfectly useable.
I wonder if there's some place where I could get nylon stock and form new
ones with creative application of a belt/disc sander and Dremel? (Hence, the
inclusion of sci.materials in the x-post) Also, wondering what kind of
adhesive would be best to reapply these assuming I'm able to successfully
fabricate new ones? Also, what about the fibrous cloth material they sit in?
Thanks for all input.
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Why not go to junk yard and salvage old ones?
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