Information on short run plastic moulding?

What materials are normally used to form moulds for plastic. How do you stop it sticking to the plastics you are moulding.

Hi there my name is Nicholas Lealand, I am working with a performance arts company who are doing a show to encourage recycling.

They want to make juggling toys and run workshops with children. because of the environmental angle they want them to be made from recycled plastics.

We have a relatively cheep sauce of rechargeable cells and leds so we plan to make them illuminated too.

I have done a little research and Polly carbonate or HDPE are the plastics I'm looking at using.

They are both able to be heated without needing to be dried and they will stay very plastic and not brittle? I have had some luck with using suction to pull the plastic into a sphere mould. and found a thin film of hdpe is quite translucent too.

I want to make some rather intricate parts though and i don't know how to go about this.

Any information would be very helpful and greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Nicholas Lealand.

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Mold release agents.

For a simple intro check out "Secrets of Building a Plastic Injection Molding Machine" by Vincent Gingery isbn 1-878087-19-3

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