"Demasking" -- is this a real chemical process??

There is a lot of BS around so called "Black Sands" that some people claim contain huge amounts of gold, platinum, palladium, etc.

But they also claim you can't get it out unless you use some "mystery", "secret", "proprietary" process to unlock the stuff.

Whenever I hear such things I become skeptical! But I don't really know -- is "Demasking" something real in chemistry?

Here, this company even claims to be able to do it right on their website...

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" --- unique Black Bands liberation process. This is a highly successful, one of a kind, pretreatment for Classic Black Sands that has been developed at MRA/Advanced Analytical in conjunction with collaborative scientists, which removes the black coating (Fe, Fe2O3 and others) from black sands and for the first time in history allows for easy recovery of Gold and the PGM's.

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