Have Our Dunces Been Fibbing About "Happy Customers?"

> > Business hasn't stopped. The world still turns. People

> > > still need computers. > > Not like other essentials. Granny lost a lot of dough in the meltdown > > and isn't going to waste time with self _un_ employed computer > > repairmen. > No one repairs computers,

You mean our dunces were fantasizing about "lots of happy customers?"

? ? ?

I'm shocked! SHOCKED!

You could knock me over with a feather!

I just don't know what to say!

If that's all "they" did,

Well they type "LOL!" a lot too.

it's > surprising "they" were ever "getting by quite well".

True but that's no reason not to play along with the idiots.

Bret Cahill

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Bret Cahill
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