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I am looking for a material that is able to conduct heat from a hot metalic surface and can transfer the heat to create an oven type environment of only warm temperatures? Any help in the type of materials to use or other means of transfering the heat would be appreciated. Nick

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Do you have a specific "design" in mind? Or do you need a design as well?

How hot is the heat source, for example? Is the heat source in an oxidizing atmosphere?

These details may limit the selection of metallic conductors or other thermal transfer devices.

Most any metal is capable of conducting heat between a contacting surface and another surface which may be the source of heat in a warm insulated box.

It seems as if you really need more of a design than a "magic material" solution.


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High thermal conductivity materials include gold, silver, copper, aluminum and brass(which may not be "food safe" if that is your interest).

Heat Pipes - do a google search, are a device that can be used to "move" heat energy.

I have seen 100 year old wood stoves that had a "warming chamber" stuck to the side. Steel and cast iron were the materials of construction for those.

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