High Temperature, Temporary Adhesive, Clear Transparent, comply with FDA

Dear All ,
I am looking for a temporary adhesive, clear transparent (do not
change color and remain clear when heated), tolerate high temperatures
up to 600 fahrenheit long hours, sticks glass to glass, and comply
with FDA requirements . Anybody has suggestions ?
What are the forms of these adhesives ? Liquids ? Apply with a gun ?
Or double sided tape like ?
Thank you in advance
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Molten salt (various kinds). Remove with water. Your question is not as simple as you make it out to be. This is typical for newbies.
You didn't stipulate how strong the bond had to be and didn't stipulate the adhesive could not be heated above 600F to apply it. You also didn't say how many thermal cycles it had to withstand. You didn't say how long it should take to remove the adhesive. You didn't say if had to be inorganic and you didn't say how quickly the bond had to be made. You didn't say how fast the heat would have to be applied in service or if it fluctuated rapidly. You didn't say how large a gap in the joint you required. Lots of options.
Dr. K
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William Kaukler
Silicones are the only class of adhesives I can think of that could possibly meet all of your requirements.
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